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Salary Report 2016

A complete rundown of pay packages in the Indian industry

Does R pay more than Python?
Would you rather make more or live better?
Who would win in a data bout? Big Data or Data Science?
Are startups too small to pay big?

Discover where the money is in Analytics and Big Data.

Salary Spread by Tools

R skills pay the most and are used the most. But relying on just one tool is not going to cut it, as the data shows that the highest salaries are paid to analysts who know more than just R or Python.

Even in multitool skill sets, combinations that include R and Python are best paid.

The highest recorded salary for 2015 - 2016 is 12.75 lakhs p.a. for analysts with the knowledge of SPSS + SAS + R + Python.

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Salary Spread by TECH

The power of Big Data is strong with this one.

Although Big Data professionals earn more than data scientists, the larger payout is in knowing how to work with both - data science & Big Data technologies. To be precise, we mean 35% more.

One is not enough

Salary Spread by City

Mumbai pays the highest among all cities in absolute numbers at 12.19 lakhs p.a. but it is also the most expensive city to live in.

However, once the cost of living is factored in, things look different!

Maximum city pays the maximum money

After factoring in the cost of living, Kolkata emerges as the best paying city to live in.

Live life kingsize in Kolkata

Salary Spread and
Skills Required by Company Size

Startups need people who know R and they are willing to pay top dollar for it. 10.8 lakhs p.a. by startups is a significant step up from the 9.6 lakhs p.a paid by larger companies.

Even mid-sized companies are paying more than the large companies on average.

R is in great demand across the board. But, if you want to join a larger company, you need to add SAS to your skill set. This is because bigger companies can afford to pay for the more expensive enterprise versions of proprietary softwares like SAS.

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Salary Spread by Experience

The biggest jump in salaries is seen after the 5-year mark, where analysts can expect up to a 70% raise with an average pay of 12.3 lakhs p.a. A decade of experience can boost this figure by more than 250%.

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The word cloud is based on profile tags of analytics professionals who were part of the study. These tags were added by users themselves or were mined from their CV. The diagram represented below shows the distribution of the tags so collected.

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